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The Empowerment Dynamic (TED)
– David Emerald

The Power of TED* provides a uniquely hopeful way of responding to challenging times. This fable explores the shift from a Victim Orientation focused on the drama triangle roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer to a Creator Orientation and its antidote roles of Creator, Challenger and Coach. How to make this shift happen elicits hope for a more resourceful way to respond to life experience. [From: Barnesandnoble.com]

Witness one person’s transformation from Victim to Creator in this easy-to-read fable! Meet three remarkable characters: TED*, mysterious teacher of The Empowerment Dynamic; David, a normal guy grappling with his all-too-human experience; and Sophia, TED*’s student who shares what she has learned. It’s a “walk on the beach” that will touch and transform every part of your life.

The revised & updated edition includes a new preface; expanded content; and an appendix which overviews the frameworks and concepts contained in the story. [From: Books.google.com]

The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) offers a powerful alternative to the Karpman Drama Triangle (referred to in the book at the Dreaded Drama Triangle, or DDT), with its roles of Victim, Persecutor, and Rescuer. The Empowerment Dynamic (TED) provides the antidote roles of Creator, Challenger and Coach to the toxic relationship dynamics of the DDT and describes how to make the shift happen between them. Central to the shift is a transformation in mindset from a Victim Orientation to a Creator Orientation. The book is illustrated to present essential models to the reader in a simple and accessible way.

The Power of TED* is a fable on personal leadership. This simple, friendly and engaging story conveys a meeting of three characters in a life-transforming conversation on a beach: the central character, David, a fellow named Ted (the embodiment of The Empowerment Dynamic), and Sophia who shares of her experience in making shift happen in her own life. [From: Goodreads.com]

The Power of TED* is a charming little fable with a most powerful message. The story begins with ‘David’ retreating to a favorite beach-side bench to wallow in his miserable life’s circumstances. Learning that he was infertile, his ideal marriage had disintegrated. Then his father passed away, adding even deeper despair to his oh-poor-me state-of-mind.

Searching for answers among the crashing waves, he meditates on how he might turn his life around from repeatedly returning to this self-defeating victim status. He is happened upon by TED* and his ensuing wisdom.

TED works with David to help him realize the roles he’d been playing in the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) of his life. They discuss how David has been not only the victim, but how he’s also taken on the roles of both rescuer and persecutor within the same scenarios.  The participation in the drama his life presents has led David to this spot. TED challenges David to look at his life differently.

From DDT to TED — Moving Your Life in the Right Direction

TED introduces Sophie, a TED student who was once as lost in her own DDT. She and TED challenge and coach David through making the ‘shift happen’ to becoming the creator of the life as he wishes it to be. They coach David to create his vision, a hoped-for outcome, and then to recognize and honor the passion within to reach that goal.

“The behavior that moves you in that direction is taking baby steps,” TED explains. Sophie explains how she takes 20 minutes each morning to reflect on her chosen role as the creator of her life and to decide on three baby steps.

TED encourages David on how to think of former persecutors as challengers, and describes the difference between a rescuer and a coach (a coach encourages a victim to engage the creator within).

Many of us may have been challenged by our therapists to take similar steps to break old patterns (victim, rescuer, persecutor) and to seek more positive paths (creator, challenger, coach). Going beyond the typical psycho-babble, TED* turns self-improvement into a do-able exercise for all. Instead of a vicious cycle, it offers a virtuous cycle of growth and development to anyone who adopts it. [From: Thevirtualscribe.com]

About The Author:

David Emerald is a consultant, facilitator, executive coach, speaker and auth

or. He is co-founder of the Bainbridge Leadership Center (Bainbridge Island, WA). As director of the Center’s Organizational Leadership and Self Leadership practice areas, his focus is on supporting and facilitating individuals, teams, and organizations in making a conscious shift to leading and working from a vision-focused and passion-based orientation for their lives and livelihoods. David helps clients cultivate collaborative capabilities to create sustainable change and growth and to create powerful partnerships. David brings his own life experience, and 30 years of communication, leadership and organization development practice, to The Power of TED*. He now makes his home on an island in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. 

In addition to his professional work, David personally lives with the daily responsibilities of type 2 diabetes. His experience dealing with his health challenges motivated David to apply the wisdom and usefulness of his first book, The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic), to diabetes as a health empowerment story. 

David has also authored a Companion Workbook, A Personal Guide to Applying The Power of TED*. This comprehensive workbook will serve as your guide to applying the principles, mindset, and practices of The Empowerment Dynamic to your own life. It is designed for individual use and will encourage the Baby Steps by which we put TED* into daily practice. Reading The Power of TED*™ prior to pursuing these activities is highly recommended. This workbook can serve as a wonderful reinforcement of the principles contained in the book, enlivening your learning experience. [From: Amazon.com]


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