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The All-Dancing Funny, Amazing,
Christopher Walken

The Christopher Walken we all know from over 100 movies, and TV shows and the numerous stage shows and plays  (including The Deer Hunter, Annie Hall, The Prophecy trilogy, The Dogs of War, Brainstorm, The Dead Zone, A View to a Kill, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Catch Me If You Can and others which have collectively grossed over 1 Billion dollars at the box office) is the superstar who invariably nails the script.

What you may not know is that Walken initially trained as a dancer in music theater at the Washington Dance Studio, before moving on to dramatic roles in theater and then film. He has usually tried to work a little bit of his dance roots into every performance, whether scripted or not – and most directors have allowed him to indulge himself because it always adds to the performance. In addition, he has appeared in a whole bunch of music videos.

This video shows over 50 of Walken’s dance scenes perfectly editied together for a happy making video. Enjoy!


Christopher Walken – Dance Now : Time 04:46


Want more?


Christopher Walken – Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim 


Christopher Walken in Pennies From Heaven –  Let’s Misbehave: Time 03:51


Christopher Walken in Puss in Boots
edited to  George Harrison’s I’ve Got My Mind Set On You: Time 03:51




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