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The art and craft of bread
– Peter Reinhart

From TED.com

Batch to bat

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ch, crust to crust … In tribute to the beloved staple food, baking master Peter Reinhart reflects on the cordial couplings (wheat and yeast, starch and heat) that give us our daily bread. Try not to eat a slice.

Master breadmaker Peter Reinhart is also a teacher, author and theologian. Through his lectures and numerous cookbooks, he channels the science of baking into deep, spiritual lessons — and dispels stale myths about the nature (and flavor) of good, wholesome bread.

Why you should listen

Peter Reinhart’s food work began as ministry outreach and later became a full-fledged culinary and teaching career. Both an educator and lay minister, his lessons focus on both secular and spiritual education. One of his books, Bread Upon the Waters: A Pilgrimage Toward Self Discovery and Spiritual Truth is first in a series of books exploring nourishment in terms of food and one’s life mission.

Reinhart is founder of the award-winning Brother Juniper’s Bakery in Santa Rosa, California. He’s now a full-time faculty member in the International Baking and Pastry Institute at Johnson and Wales University. He has also developed a line of frozen gourmet pizzas, calzones, toaster snacks and bagels for Amy’s Kitchen.

His latest book is Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads: New Techniques, Extraordinary Flavor.

What others say

“I’ve spent years following directions from more than a dozen bread baking books … I’ve only ended up with bread that tastes like inner tube. Peter [Reinhart] has unraveled the mystery of baking, and I now approach this intimidating subject with confidence.” —James Peterson, author, Cooking

Now watch his video :

TITLE: Peter Reinhart: The art and craft of bread
Taste3 2008 · 15:34 minutes · Filmed Jul 2008

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