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If it scares you…

Push yourself to your limits and get out from your comfort zone.
If you are to to grow as a person, you must get out from your comfort zone.
Even if it scares you.
Even if it terrifies you.
Specially if it makes your palms sweaty and your mouth dry and gives you nightmares.
Step forward and face it.
Face the challenge and go through with it.

When you do, and succeed, you will enjoy euphoric and unimaginable  joy, exhilaration and happiness.

Understand and believe this: most of us are capable of facing the challenge, but then a good majority ‘chicken out’  because it’s too tough, or we’re too soft, or too lazy or not up to finishing it because we luck guts.
The courage and mental fortitude to try something  new.
We fear the loss, or the hurt, or the rejection or the pain.
But we will not know unless we try and we will never know unless we act.
So stop asking “what if ” and start saying “I WILL”.



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